24 November, 2017 – Recent Very good news: We are finally on our way!

* Since the last posting on this website, several noteworthy events have taken place. Because of the material involvement of Debbie Chamberlain, several committee members visited Otter Lake to look at a 4-unit dwelling that has been constructed there; she has convinced the GVRV Executive committee that a similar (but very small compared to our earlier expectations) building might be built on the GVRV site as an initial structure. Other committee members undertook a second visit to Otter Lake to speak to the builders about the possibility and to determine what it would cost. The company of builders that we expect to deal with is Denis Paquette Construction.

The recent decision to downsize our horizon has led us also to withdraw from our connection with SHQ through Loge-Action Outaouais. We have been told that even the most recent 16-unit building has been deemed as “unviable” by SHQ snd so we have decided to work independently of the Province of Quebec and to build something that we can afford; available funds are the result of the great generosity of local citizens, the Municipality of Kazabazua, and the MRC Vallee de la Gatineau. The 4-unit structure seems well within our means at the present moment.

Another very important event that has occurred since the last update here waas the election of a new town Council, a new Prefect of the MRC, and a new mayor for Kazabazua. All of these newly elected officials have expressed great and abiding confidence in GVRV; indeed, the new mayor has said that he sees our project as the centrepiece of the future face of Kazabazua.

The abundance of good wishes and offers to do what is necessary to realize our vision has certainly re-encouraged the GVRV committee. We have decided to build a not-for-profit 4-unit structure for tenants over 55 who are, to use the older terminology, “Volet 1” (able to look after themselves). We believe that once we have this working example of what GVRV is about, we will be able to construct more and larger units in keeping with our original Vision. The first building is, then, a baby step towards our ultimate goal. But at least, and at last, the baby is learning to walk!

The following photograph was taken of members of the GVRV committee with the new Prefect and the new mayor of Kazabazua.

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